Conor McGregor Almost Had Huge Genital Emergency Before Mayweather Fight

Conor McGregor was so busy getting his metaphorical dick out before the big bout that he forgot he had to protect his actual crown jewels.

Just as the Irish MMA champ was getting his hands wrapped, he realised he had left his custom jockstrap, protective cup, and mouthpiece at his Vegas home.

I mean how many pieces of equipment does a boxer actually need? Probably about six, and he left three of them at home.



McGregor’s penis protection, or lack thereof, sent his team into a frenzy, running out of the T-Mobile Arena to collect it.

Luckily the guy managed to get back with the genital cup with plenty of time to spare.

You’d think he could just use a spare jock strap and cup they had around, but if we remember back to the weigh in, it was clear that Conor needed something custom made.

His Calvin’s left nothing to the imagination./UNILAD

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